Our philosophy is quite simple: we are hired to use our professional capabilities to satisfy the objectives of our clients, and as such, your bottom line means everything to us. We also believe that great creative moves more product. Our business is based strongly on perceptions, a given that requires us to position our clients and their products in the most advantageous light possible.

Our job is to make the light of creativity and inspiration shine and to throw ourselves into our work with consistent vigor-within the confines our client's budget. We work hard for our clients, and it shows. We relish strong marketing challenges, and are driven with the confidence that despite our enviable track record, our best work is yet to come.

Regardless of the size of the agency, the quality of your marketing will come down to the people who will be actively involved in your account. Our unique blend of personnel, expertise, and philosophy of "strategic creativity" pits us very well against any other advertising agencies.

In essence, we are confident that the people who will work on your account at Soter Associates will have greater skills and relevant marketing experience than the individuals who would be actively working on your account at any agency, however large, across the nation. Bold words, indeed. But our track record has borne this out, time and again.

Strategy first

Before we write a word of copy, before we design a pixel of an ad or logo, we do our homework. The strategy must come first. The strategy drives everything else.

Surprisingly, we find that most agencies don't take this proven approach. At Soter Associates it's the way we do business.

This is not a simple or inexpensive process. But this initial commitment ensures that every marketing dollar is laser-precise and works harder than any marketing dollar you've ever spent.

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