"Iron Pot Irish Stew" and "Backyard Garden Salad." In early 1970, we established ourselves by promoting such entrees for our first client, Jimba's restaurant. Total billing that first year: $39,000. Today, with a vibrant staff of communications specialists, Soter Associates is one of the most highly regarded and decorated full service advertising agencies in the Intermountain West.

Our staff spends full time (and overtime) developing marketing plans, preparing copy, designing printed materials, purchasing media time and space, supervising production, and a handling a host of other related tasks.

In short, we are experts in our field--freeing you to work in yours.

This website will help you understand what principles guide us, how we work, and why that work-we believe-is the most effective advertising your money can buy.


With an executive team enjoying 56 years of combined marketing experience, Soter Associates is a consortium of extremely talented professionals, each contributing specific areas of expertise to the stable of full service capabilities we offer our clients. Account services, full creative and design work, public relations, and media departments are housed within our offices, providing any number of services to our clients ranging from extensive marketing and advertising plans, to collateral projects such as brochures and annual reports.

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